Buy me some Peanuts and a Bucket of Chicken

Baseball season is officially here, which for me, means it’s time to get ready for a trip to Yankee Stadium.

First, I’ll admit, I’m a casual MLB fan. I don’t follow the league super closely, but I do enjoy going to games. I’ve been cheering on the Mets with my family since I was younger, but now that I’m dating a Yankees fan, I’m rocking the blue and white pinstripes (sorry, Dad).

My all-time favorite meal to get at Yankee Stadium is the Grub Tub. It’s a combo of crispy chicken fingers, salty fries, and a large drink*. Sounds basic, but just wait.

The best part about the Grub Tub is that each piece of the meal is stacked on top of each other. The drink, which comes in a souvenir cup, is the base that supports the bowl of food on top, and the straw pops out of the center so you always have access to your drink. In a stadium full of people where you have limited space in your seat and you’re trying not to make a mess, it’s genius.

*The chicken and fries can be swapped out for a different option such as nachos, chili fries, etc.

The Grub Tub is a hidden gem that costs about $20. It might take a little exploring to find, but it’s worth it.

The next time you go to Yankee Stadium, I highly suggest trying it. You won’t be disappointed.


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